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You will find that the site looks at its best on a full size computer screen, the bigger the better! Having said this, a substantial number of visitors to the site are using mobile devices, and presumably getting fed up and going away !  This is not how I would want it to be.

In an attempt to help with this, I am compiling a new set of pages optimised for smart-phone sized screens.  Ultimately every page will have an equivalent Mobile page attached to it.  As doing this for the entire website is going to take a considerable time, this is the interim arrangement.

Where a mobile page exists, on the standard page there will be "Mobile" button in the top left corner of the page, clicking on this will take you directly to the relevant Mobile page.  The Mobile pages are cut-down with few pictures and removal of non-essential text.

You will always know that you are on a Mobile page as the text-boxes all have a blue background and much smaller Font size.

If you find yourself accidentally straying into the Mobile pages when not using a mobile, panic-not !  On every Mobile page there is a "Standard Page" button in the top left hand corner of the page. A click here takes you back to the equivalent standard page.

If you are on a "Mobile" page then any links on that page will take you to the Mobile equivalent of the next page where there is one available, or to the regular page if not.

There are always going to be some pages that just will not work on a mobile. In particular the Family Tree pages

At the end of the day, this site is always going to look better on a large screen and I would urge you too use one if possible


For starters, as I am the author and compiler of all this guff, I designate myself as "Ground Zero" The entire family tree contains the records of over 3000 people extending over 26 generations, they are numbered sequentially. Me and my generation are Generation Zero, My parents, grandparents etc etc are numbered from me with positive numbers, so my Great Grandma would be generation 3 or G3. The generations after me have negative numbers so forinstance, George & Jessica are G-2.

To avoid information overload. The site is divided into a number of sections, each is self contained with its own introduction, Contents page, menu etc. There are plenty of links between pages & sections.

There is a "Master Menu" to move you around the site quickly. this only displays when you move your mouse over the "Master Menu" icon, this is in the same place on every page, embedded in the header near the middle of the page.

I have done my best to display the information in a logical sequence. If you would like a guided tour of the site,  just click on the green "Continue" button on each page and it will walk you through the website section by section. This is probably the best way to view the site, at least until you are familiar with the way it is set out.

To help put the information in perspective I have included some historical notes as to what was going on on the rest of the world.

The Sections
  1. Background.  Chapters that are applicable to both families as well as some historical notes.

  2. Camerons

  3. Pursers

  4. Gallery

  5. Documents.

Not all sections are completed as yet


Links within the text are highlighted in dark blue as is normal for most websites. Clicking in the dark blue text will take you directly to the relevant page, it will not open a new window in your browser, so closing the page will not take you back to the original link, use the back button in your browser for this.


At the end of each section of the main text is a green "continue" button.

Clicking this takes you to where the text continues. or to the start of the next section.

This will open in your current browser window, not a new one, so you should not end upon with dozens of open tabs.


Using the continue button will take you on to the next topic in what I hope is a logical sequence. You do not have to follow this path, there are numerous other links that you can follow.

The "Master Menu" does not display on mobile pages, a mobile screen is too small to fit the menu in.

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