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How the site is constructed.


As described before, the site is split into self-contained sections with a Master Menu to move between them.

It is important to me that this site works and is easy to use, otherwise there would be little point in my doing it. So please use the "Feedback" link, this is in the footer of every page under the text.  If you find a problem or think a section could be better please let me know. Hopefully the links will all work and keep working, if not please let me know via the feedback page.

Thank you.  Neil Duffin


The astute amongst you will notice that not all of the pages are on the same website, The introductory stuff and all of the Camerons are on www whilst the Pursers, Documents and some other parts are on .  


There is in fact a good reason for this, the "cheapo, cut-price" people who host the site place a limit on the number of pages permitted without a substantial extra cost. It is very much cheaper to have two smaller sites than one big one. Being a skinflint I have gone for the cheaper option.

This should make no difference to the reader, the links should take you seamlessly between the two sites. You can enter the site by entering either web address, there are identical entry pages on each site, after this opening page nothing else is duplicated.


At the top of each page is a search box. Enter what you are looking for then click. The search results are displayed on a temporary page just called "Search Results". This should open as a new window, so that you don't lose your place whilst searching. You do however have to close the window to get back to the page you were searching from.

The search function is limited and will only search within the website, if there is no result it will say so.  That finishes the search, it will not then extend the search out into the WWW. Due to the site being split between two sites, the search is only within the half of the site you are currently looking at. This is a pain in the **** but there is not much I can do about it.  Or at least, not with my current web-writing skills.  Any assistance from a reader would be most welcome.

The Master Menu can come in useful at this point. If you are unsure which half of the site to search for a particular search term,  hover your mouse over the Master Menu in the header and the sections and sub-sections of the site will display and may indicate which half of the site is most likely.



 If time and motivation allows I will include an index, You will find this referred to once or twice in the text, my apologies, so far it does not exist!

Well.....just so as to contradict myself, it does now exist though it is not yet complete.  I think that it is now comprehensive enough to be released as part of the website. The  majority of people, places and events are now indexed and I am frequently adding to it.  


The "Index" link in the footer of each page is now activated and will take you to the index from any page. I have set it so that the Index opens in a new window over the top of the linked page. This allows you to open the index, look something up then close the index without losing your page in the site.

The Sections
  1. Background.  Chapters that are applicable to both families as well as some historical notes.

  2. Camerons

  3. Pursers

  4. Gallery

  5. Documents


Links within the text are highlighted in dark blue as is normal for most websites. Clicking in the dark blue text will take you directly to the relevant page, it will not open a new window in your browser, so closing the page will not take you back to the original link, use the back button in your browser for this.


At the end of each section of the main text is a green "continue" button. Clicking this

takes you to where the text continues. or to the start of the next section.

This will open in your current browser window, not a new one, so you should not end upon with dozens of open tabs.


Using the continue button will take you on to the next topic in what I hope is a logical sequence. You do not have to follow this path, there are plenty of other links on most pages, in the text, in the footer under each page or by the master menu.

The Master Menu displays when you move your mouse over "MASTER MENU" at the top of each page in the header. When you are in the Cameron part of the site the Master Menu displays the Cameron pages and those common to both sides of the site.  When you are in the Purser Section it displays the "Purser" pages.

Documents certificates etc.

In the previous book all of the documents, certificates of birth Death etc, copies of Old Parish Records ( henceforth referred to as OPR ) were all lumped together in a section at the end.  As this is a website not a book, there is no longer any need to do this. All of the documents are of course still there, in a folder of their own, if you wish to specifically look at a document use the "Documents" link at the bottom of each page to go directly to it.

Clan Cameron.

Clan Codger.


What I think is the logical next page may not be what you want to look at, the buttons are there as a guide if required, they are not essential and you are welcome to read the pages in whatever order you wish.


There are lots of pictures as well as the text, some of these are displayed full size in the

page. Most of the others are shown as a small image with a blue Title Box underneath. Clicking on the icon opens the image in a large enough size to 

Image title.

allow it to be easily read. Unlike the other links, these images do open in a new page in your browser hence need to be closed.

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