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The Camerons.

Entry Page  &. Contents of this section.


Maps of the locality

 the principal locations.​

Foundation Myth !

So how do the Camerons come to be in Speyside What with Speyside being well into Grant Territory.

Cameron Memories

My recollections of  the  area.

The Traditional


For history geeks this bit !

The clan system, how a clan traditionally worked and was forced to change as new ideas reached the Highlands.

Getting There.

Does what it says on the tin.

Early Years. Pre 1745

Our family story up to the Camerons getting to Granish.


Simplified Cameron Family tree 1745-2021. This will display on any screen. This opens in a new window
Simplified Full Cameron Family Tree versions 1 & 2.  1380-2021

OK,  you want it ? well you can have it and best of luck. This is the full, unexpurgated family tree copied from my "Ancestry" account.  It is made up of numerous screen shots and it may help to understand why I have produced the simplified versions!!

Family tree pages.


As the full family tree consists of over 3000 people it has to be simplified to display on screen. For anyone interested the full tree with all of its branches can be seen on the Ancestry Website or at Click for details of how to access these websites.


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