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Hello and thank-you for visiting our Website, I hope that you find it interesting. Whilst it is principally aimed at family members, near or distant, all are more than welcome.

This is the cut-down, "small-screen" version of the website, if you are using anything bigger than a large smartphone, you need to switch to the standard version.

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I have only just started making the site "mobile friendly" so there are not many mobile pages yet. I am going as fast as I can so please bear with me !!


First a word of explanation for those not familiar with the family. In June 1949 Joe Duffin and Marguerite Cameron were married in Boat-of-Garten, Inverness-shire. The Camerons had lived in the Speyside area for generations. Joe's Mother was a Purser, a family from the area of  Bedfordshire to the west of Bedford city, around Turvey, Pavenham and other villages. Joe's Father, another Joseph, was of Irish descent.

Simply put this website is the story of these two families, the Camerons, Pursers & latterly The Duffins. These two families, one in Northern Scotland, the other In London, had no knowledge of each other until Joe met Marguerite in 1944.  At that time  Naval Cadet Joe,  was posted to Rosyth near Edinburgh and trainee teacher Marguerite was seconded to some God-awful school near Leith Docks.  


One can only assume that eye met eye across a steamy dance floor.

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